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About Us

They say you have to love what you do. Well… it’s kind of my honey! hun!

Rattan hun brings a thoughtfully crafted collection of stunning and unique handmade rattan products for you and your home. These pieces are ethically handcrafted by amazingly talented local artisans.

With a background in interior architecture, our step into the curious world of rattan was all about the sustainability, durability and the flexibility of this natural material.

Our mission is to revive rattan furniture in Lebanon with a contemporary take on the traditional look, to create heirlooms that have staying power, timelessness and most of all, pieces that tell a story.

Enjoy our creations. We made them for you with love!

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Product Information

What is rattan? Rattan is a species of climbing vine which is the name for roughly 600 species of the palm family.
Rattan is consistently sought after as a furniture material. Its strength and flexibility makes it an excellent choice for lightweight yet durable furniture.

Rattan use:
Because it is light, durable and relatively flexible, rattan is used for a range of purposes:
Furniture: Furniture is the main end product of rattan.
Shelter: Rattan is an approved material for house building in rural areas.
Handicraft: Handicraft, besides furniture, provides the main income of the rattan industry.

Why it's sustainable? Growing like a weed, it produces the material used for furniture manufacture 7 times faster than a tree produces wood.
Entire forests have to be cleared for wood for most furniture. Rattan harvesters can clear vines and pieces that allow for the forest to stay intact.

Benefits of using rattan furniture:

  • Rattan furniture is extremely versatile in use, and can be suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Rattan is generally inexpensive to purchase and maintain.
  • It's lightweight.
  • It's strong and durable.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • The flexibility of the material makes it exceptionally comfortable.
That being said, the average lifespan of a rattan seat is about 25 years. But how can you ensure that your rattan lasts as long as you would like it to? Here are a few tips in caring for your rattan furniture.

Care guide

  1. Keep your rattan furniture free from dust: Regularly remove the dust and mildew that may build up within in the fibres with a brush or vacuum and then wipe with a damp cloth as this rejuvenates the rattan and keeps it looking new.
  2. Remove any spills on your rattan immediately
  3. Protection from sunlight and rain: The same energy which can give you sunburn can bleach the material of your garden furniture. Rattan shouldn't be allowed to soak up water either. If you plan on using rattan furniture outdoors, all it needs is a bit of preparation, with a protection coating; the material will withstand harsh temperatures.
  4. Moving Furniture Properly: Rattan furniture is both light and sturdy, ensuring a long lifespan, as well as being easy to move around. Be sure to pick the pieces up only by their solid frames, and never by the more flexible woven panels.
  5. Keep away from direct heat: it's better to keep your rattan furniture away from direct heat sources such as a fire place or electric/gas heater.

Quality is our compass that drives every decision we make. All our furniture and decor is made from best quality of natural rattan which is imported from Vietnam, and then handcrafted by skilled local artisans to whom the knowledge has been passed down across generations.

Help save the planet and turn to products that are eco-friendly and made with sustainable material like rattan!
As everything is handmade, each piece ends up with a character of its own. The slight imperfections give each piece its human touch and are therefore, in our view, just perfect.

Please note all of our products are hand-made and/or have a unique finish, shape, color, natural imperfections, texture and may vary from the picture you see on our social page. Dimensions may also slightly vary.

Each item is manufactured from natural sources, so size and color may vary slightly making each piece completely unique.

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